Wild Wolf’s Wife Volume 2 is Finished! by Mandy Rosko

So as of just a couple of minutes ago, I finished the second volume of The Wild Wolf’s Wife

Woot! Great job for me! 😀 It was done a little later than I like, so the edits are going to be a quick turn around time, but that was because I spent the beginning of the month working on the box set book I’m going to be in shortly. I need another 10-15K words on that one and it will be finished, too 🙂


Then I can get back to doing my other projects. Kidnapped by the Dragon, and The Billionaire Fantasy.


On that note, I got to thinking about the self publishing talk I had with Even Langlais last week.


One of the bits of advice I gave was to finish the book you start writing, because if it’s not finished, it might as well not exist.


I think about that a lot, especially when it comes to Kidnapped by the Dragon and The Billionaire Fantasy, and it makes me twitchy @_@


Haha, not following your own advice is amazing!


Joking, but all joking aside, I did mean that bit of advice. Part of what I do for my self publishing is that I buy up a lot of premade cover art. I like doing this instead of having the cover art made to order, even though I do do that from time to time, because when I see something that’s already made, whether it’s a guy with a sword, a woman kneeling at someone’s feet, or a frosty rose, my creative juices get flowing, and I love being able to look at a beautifully made cover and feel ideas coming to me.


Cover art is pretty important in self publishing if you want to be taken seriously, but some people have trouble finding where to go to get it. Whether it’s a price that’s just right, or an artist they might click with.


I’ve had it happen where, I’ve fall in love with a premade cover set, but waited too long to buy it only for someone else to scoop it up ;_; that’s heartbreaking stuff.


It’s another reason why I love premades because I don’t spend $500+ on them. You can grab a single cover for anywhere from $50-$150, and this is depending on if they’re no sale or not. Some of the times I even keep the same titles suggested, if the artist suggested any titles to begin with, and once again, this can help me think of great ideas for the books I want to write.


So if you’re looking for great covers at a decent price and don’t know where to go, I would suggest premade cover art. There’s a number of different places you can go to get them, but I currently have two favorites. Though I only asked permission to share one of them. I imagine it would be okay to share the other link, but I’ll wait a bit on that one and get permission just in case.


Croco Designs at http://www.crocodesigns.com/ does amazing work. I’ve purchased multiple covers from her, though so far none of them have homes on finished books.


See what I mean about a book not existing until it’s finished?


I’m sharing this link, and with more to come, because I like the service, the price is right, the covers are gorgeous, and I don’t want everyone who wants to publish their own book to think it’s normal to have to spend $1000 or more for a single cover. For me, even $500 or more is a lot.


I have paid that before when I had the money to do so, and I don’t fault people for paying that much either if they love the work of the artist and know the book will bring that money back, but times change and most people have to be a little more frugal.


Especially if you want to hire an editor, which I’ll talk about later.


So there is a great option for beginner authors who might not have known about it. And don’t get me wrong, you can still go over to 99designs and get a great cover. I’ve used that service before to recover my Things in the Night Series, but again, it can be expensive, and you will likely have to wade through a bunch of terrible designs, some of which can be images ripped off from movies (not kidding, I asked for vampire romance and got some Twilight pictures).


This option seems to be simpler and cheaper if you have a book and were looking for a great cover to get you started, or wanted to just look around and get some inspiration for your upcoming novels.


Enjoy 🙂


Mandy Rosko


The first audiobook of the Bad Boy Bear novella has been uploaded for Patrons at the $3 tier and up to grab  😉 Thanks for making this happen:



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