The Emotional Connection

Each day, technology plays a bigger role in our lives, most especially when it comes to communication. We text, chat, call, and interact with each other through social media. When it comes to companies and us consumers considering their goods and services, we usually check them out online first.

My day job is a highly technical job that requires I keep knowledgeable about very specific areas of Finance, and yet at the end of the day whether I am talking to a client or writing a short story it all comes down to an ability to connect with people. I need to connect with clients on some level otherwise they won’t trust that what I tell them truly does come from a good place. When it comes to readers, I need to try and connect them to the story and my characters. In order for me to do this, it is essential that I understand emotions.

So what does all of this mean and what am I going on about? I’m not going to go as far as to say that the human understanding of emotions will always be superior to any type of technology–findings astound me each day as machines continue to learn and develop. What I am saying is that for now, emotions and the human connection (done digitally or in person) are still a very large part of the equation in understanding each other and where we are coming from. And while I love technology, I also believe that sometimes talking things out or spending time together the plain, old-fashioned way can do us a lot of good.

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