Did A Speaking Gig on Self Publishing

On Sunday I had what I believe is my second speaking gig where I sat at a table with another author and talked about publishing and self publishing.


Mostly I spent time wondering what the hell I was doing there, but apparently I have some stuff to say that other writers can find useful.


My table mate was the super lovely Eve Langlais, and mostly I was sitting there thinking ‘please keep talking, please keep talking.’ I’m selfish like that 😉


The more she spoke the more I was able to absorb and learn. I’m super selfish like that, but whenever there was something that I was pretty sure I understood, or a tidbit of info I could add, that was when I jumped in, but I definitely learned a few thing that I otherwise wouldn’t have if I hadn’t been there.


It was definitely fun, and though I still consider myself a beginner publisher, I think at this point I need to rethink that a little. Because even when I was talking I saw people nodding their heads and even taking notes on their laptops. As if what I was saying was new.


Maybe I should put myself into the intermediate category of publishing, because at this point it feels kind of stupid to keep calling myself a beginner. It’s kind of obvious to everyone except me that I’m not, so I might as well get over it and just start saying that I might know what I’m doing at least half the time.


Okay, back to writing. Starting off a little behind this month and that’s not so great. Piece of writing advice, since I seem to know some, make sure you keep your deadlines, write every day, and don’t procrastinate. It just adds to your stress level @_@


Mandy Rosko



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