Never Enough Time

As we know it, time is finite. Yet many of us live life as if it is infinite-preoccupied mainly with the things that appear to be important but maybe aren’t as important as we make them out to be.

Why do we do this? We all have our reasons, but even more, it in our nature to live for today. History gives us so many examples of this as we revisit where we’ve come from and our focus on survival. Our prehistoric ancestors probably didn’t sit around discussing their retirement. Over time, we become more advanced as a society, leading to longer life expectancies and less of a need to think simply about today. Hence the ease of thinking time just goes on.

This past week, family came to visit and while time dragged on, it also flew by too fast. I returned to work after a few days and found myself exhausted and at a loss to understand where time to catch up and time to make progress went. In a way it seemed as if the world around me sped up as I stayed on pause. I might have gone on thinking this if those around me weren’t spinning as much as I.

There is never enough time and there will never be enough time for most of us. My one piece of advice I will give and aim to follow, is to make time for who and what counts.

Happy writing this week!


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