They’re Here! :D by Mandy Rosko

So my two boxes of books came in. One of them was just under 30 pounds, which was crazy, but they are here and I am loving them.


I’m also learning that the ribbon I bought to wrap them won’t be enough to make nice little bows on as many books as I thought. About four books can be tied with each spool of ribbon, which sucks a little since the Valentine’s ribbon is pretty and has sparkly hearts, and I think it would really fit with my first Patron Book. Romance and all 😉


I was thinking I was going to have pictures, but I can’t seem to get the picture off my iPad right now 😡 I might have to post it next week, or see if I can find a work around somewhere


But either way! The good news is the print books for Bad Boy Bear 3 in 1 are finally here 😀 They’re the uncorrected proofs, and I need to print off some stickers for them, but I’m stoked to have them here 😀

I did have the original 5 proof copies that came in a while ago, and while it’s not as impressive as seeing 51 copies in a great big box, here they are with some of the ribbon I’ll be using 😀


As of right now I’m working on the next set of novellas for The Wild Wolf’s Wife. The first volume came out yesterday, and I’m super happy with it. Two more and I’ll be doing this again with another print book 😀

Having a nice collection of these on my shelf after a couple of months is going to be amazing, and I can hardly wait for it to get to that point




Mandy Rosko


Want to check out Bad Boy Bear, The Wild Wolf’s Wife, and other goodies and rewards? Check out and become a Patron for $1, and you’ll get all the brand new novellas I put out early for Patrons every single month 😉



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