Found Spelling Errors in Printed Books by Mandy Rosko

And I don’t think it needs much explaining that the printed book in question is my own


God, it was almost enough to drive me to drink. The first one I spotted was just a tiny one, one so small and was missed by a couple of different beta readers that, although annoyed with myself, I was somewhat okay with it and was willing to wait a bit before fixing it. After all I’ve seen tiny errors in books printed by big publishers.

Then the other error was found. And it wasn’t a small spelling mistake. It was a whole sentence that was in there. The sort where you could tell I was going off on one thought and then went on another in a way that made no grammatical sense.


And it was on the second page.


Right, even I need to let that sink in. It was on the 2ND PAGE!! GAH!!


So mad at myself, and the worst part about it was that it looked familiar. I’m pretty sure one of the ladies who helped to beta read it pointed the error out. I’d thought I’d removed it, but I guess I didn’t and got stuck with one of my slip ups 😦


This is also after I ordered 51 copies of this book 😦  😦 so double sadness.


So what do you do when this happens? Would love to know what other authors do about messes like this, because right now I’m thinking of printing off a bunch of Uncorrected Proof stickers and slapping them in there so I can still use those books at signings and for prizes. Ordering that many of my own books are expensive, but I have some people from my Patreon page who are expecting signed copies to come in, so I’ll be asking them if they want to wait a little while longer for the better version, or would be all right with having their copy shipped to them as a proof copy


The world of complicated writing and formating -_- Any authors around because I’d love to know what you do about this.


Mandy Rosko




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One Response to Found Spelling Errors in Printed Books by Mandy Rosko

  1. C.D. Hersh says:

    Like the Uncorrected Proof stickers idea. 🙂

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