Swinging Into Spring

We are swinging gently into spring. I’m already seeing bunnies, baby chicks, eggs, clovers and tulips line the shelves. Where I live, it certainly feels like spring already and flowers are just beginning to come out of hiding. Other parts of the country seem to be getting their dose of warmer weather as well.

Spring is one of my favorite seasons. There is of course that sense or renewal and cleansing. For my family and it goes hand and hand was we will actually be moving within the next 3 months and we are in the process of cleaning out our home, getting rid of clothes and toys and furniture that we haven’t used in years.

So what does this mean for you? Perhaps nothing… or perhaps if you are like me, this sense of renewal is exactly what you need as a pick me up. We tend to have tons of energy and a desire to make big changes around the start of the New Year, but after time, this lags. Why not take advantage of that second wind to either pick your goals back up or make some changes to those goals if you’ve come to realize they aren’t important any longer. You don’t need to wait to the start of a year. Most importantly, you just need to feel good about the next steps you take and spring is just the season to give you that.

Good luck and happy writing this week!


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One Response to Swinging Into Spring

  1. Spring means gardening to me. My lilies are up and we’re getting a hard freeze tonight. 😦

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