They’re Here!

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My copies of Bad Boy Bear have finally arrived. They’re proof copies, but they’re still beautiful 😀

I love them so much, and I’ve already shipped out these four at the post office to some readers, and my mother ^_^


She always has to have a copy for her shelf and to show off to her friends. Good times 😉


I can hardly believe that the first print book is here. It’s not the first print book I ever had out, but the first one for people supporting me on Patreon. I can hardly bring myself to stop looking at it because of how awesome it is, and what it means.

It means that every three months from now on, there will be a print book that I’ll be able to send out to the lovely alphas who want to get my work early, and I’ll be writing this just for them.

It’s super exciting stuff 😉


On to some of the bad news, my wordpress blog farted on me after wordpress made an automatic update, and some of the plugins that are connected to wordpress are only half working now on my actual website because my wordpress blog is giving me an error message. I need to get that fixed pronto because this has been happening for weeks now and it’s such a pain in the ass. I think I’d like it all better if WordPress gave the option to go back to old versions, because I have no idea what they did that made my blog give out 😡


At least the rest of the website seems to be working, mostly, all right, and my proofs came in today, so that’s some good news 😀


If you wanted to check out more of Bad Boy Bear, and get your free ebook bonus after becoming a member, head on over to and I’ll get you all set up for your stuff 😉


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Paranormal Romance, Fantasy, and Science Fiction Author
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