New Release March 7th! Finding Valor by Ripley Proserpina

Finding Valor, the second book in The Searchers series releases this Tuesday, March 7th. Here is the blurb and a sneak peek!



Forgiveness is out of reach…

Nora’s relationship with Ryan, Seok, Apollo, Matisse, and Cai is everything she could want. Never believing she’d fall in love, the acceptance they offer her is the only thing standing between her and a world that still hates her, no matter her innocence. Falling into a routine with the guys, she finally lets herself relax and dream about the future.

Until the past catches up with them…

Suddenly, Ryan’s entire future is at stake, and a man from his past, one with good reason to hate him, arrives to take the things he’s worked so hard to build. Rather than fight, Ryan wants to submit, weighed down with the guilt he believes he deserves. Pushing Nora away, he distances himself from her and his friends, placing everything they have at risk.

Can Nora help Ryan heal? He has to believe the person he’s become is nothing like the man he was, but all he sees in the mirror is evil. Will he ever believe he’s earned her love and the chance to be happy?


Shaking her head, Nora wouldn’t meet Ryan’s eyes. “I was worried about you. I was going to demand answers. Not the best way to approach you, I know.” Peering up, her cheeks pinked, and she twisted her mouth.

What kind of answers? He wasn’t ready to discuss things, especially not standing in front of a busy campus building. “Can we talk later?”

She met his eyes, and the hopeful look on her face was an arrow in his heart. He’d spoken those words without really thinking about what they meant. Talking meant telling her why he was worried and what the dean of admissions had told him. No, he wasn’t ready.

A thought occurred to him. What he really wanted to do was lie, say everything was okay, and go back to it being the way it was, where he took care of Nora and he knew what to do. His life was laid out, and things had been the way he wanted them.

This wasn’t the way he wanted to feel— scrambling, fingers clawing at the dirt to keep from slipping over the cliff and back into the mess he used to be.

What the hell was wrong with him? When had he become afraid of everything? Afraid of the past. Afraid of the future.

The light began to fade from Nora’s face; he’d been silent so long. He opened his mouth, but she shook her head quickly. “It’s okay. You don’t have to answer.” She gave a small laugh and glanced away, her curls flying around her face as the wind picked up. “If anyone knows how it feels not to want to talk, it’s me.” She turned back to him and smiled. It was a small smile and a little pained but still genuine.

Without thinking, he pushed her hair back, wrapping his hand around the back of her neck to pull her forward. He kissed her, hard. Harder than he usually did, searching for control somewhere.

It wasn’t in his kiss.

She clung to him. Lifting up onto her tiptoes and curling her hands around his wrists, she dove into his mouth like she was desperate for the closeness only he could give. She trembled, and he wrapped his arms around her. This was what he needed. This was what mattered.

He couldn’t breathe, but he didn’t care. He’d take the air right from Nora’s lungs as surely as she took the breath from his.

Groaning, her hands gripped the back of his jacket, slipping beneath it to push his sweater and t-shirt aside. Her chilly hands against his skin made him shiver. Their kiss was a jumble of teeth, tongues, lips. It wasn’t his smoothest kiss by any stretch, but he held nothing back, and neither did she.

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