Just How Happy is Disneyland?

This past weekend, my family and I went to Disneyland in Anaheim, California. We’ve lived out toward the west coast for ten years and never been. Now that we are contemplating a move back to the east coast, it simply seemed like one of those places I had to see and had to experience.

I’m sure you’ve heard of Disney World and Disneyland termed as the “happiest place on earth” and I can honestly say that there is really something to the term of endearment. Don’t get me wrong, the trip was exhausting and should I go back or when I go back, I will probably extend my stay for longer than a couple days. And it wasn’t the awesome rides or the characters or the spectacular landscape that really astounded me. More so than anything, it was the attitudes of those around me. Day two into our trip, it rained off and on for a good portion of the day but did that slow anyone down? Absolutely not. People were excited and happy and the feelings just became contagious.

So what did I learn from all of this? Well, while it definitely helps to spend the day somewhere that looks like fun and sounds like fun and smells like corn dogs, popcorn and churros, that certainly isn’t enough. You need the right attitude for the outlook to truly be happy. After all, I saw tired parents and kids, kids having end of night meltdowns, long lines and rainy weather. It didn’t matter because people didn’t seem to let it matter. Could you imagine what work would be like if we did the same?

Happy writing this week!

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One Response to Just How Happy is Disneyland?

  1. We love Disney World. It’s worth a meltdown or two. :o)

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