The Print Book is Almost Ready! by Mandy Rosko

After a few more quick beta reads from some lovely readers, I got the pages set up for the print version of Bad Boy Bear, and then sent off the information, along with the updated back blurb to the book.


As of this writing, I’m still waiting to get the book back and see what it looks like, though it will be mostly the same as you saw last week, here’s a refresher 😉




The spine size will have to be adjusted, and the blurb will be a bit shorter with some flourish on the first line, but otherwise, she is beautiful, and I positively cannot wait to hold it in my hands when I order the five proof copies.


I think it’s one of the best things about being an author, getting to hold the physical book in your hands. There’s something about that, that I love. When it’s on my shelf, it’s like a trophy for what I’ve accomplished, and I couldn’t be happier to get this into the hands of my readers who have been so loyal and amazing to me through this entire journey 😀


Next month I’ll get started on The Wild Wolf’s Wife, in between bouts of playing the new Legend of Zelda game, of course 😉


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