Excerpt From My Upcoming Release by Stacy Hoff


Release day is almost here! Yes, March 22nd awaits! I’ve been blogging up a storm about everything I’ve done to write my upcoming new novel, BETTING LOVE IN VEGAS (book 1 of my new BUILDING LOVE series). Today it dawned on me that maybe some of you would want to read an excerpt, to see for yourself what I’ve been working on.

SO without further ado…


Cat Warner’s plan was strictly business—Ty Orland was getting a piece of her mind. A piece the size of Mount Kilimanjaro.

Meeting him here, at the Better Hoteliers Convention, would let him know her Big Bear, California, property was not on the market. All she had to do was wait for tonight’s meeting with him. Somewhere in this giant, off-Strip, Las Vegas hotel, he was waiting for her.

“Er, Cat? You okay?” asked Vanessa, General Manager for all of Cat’s six inns. Doubt etched deep in her voice.

Cat knew better than to blow off the older woman’s concerns. More than an excellent GM, Vanessa fussed over her to an extent Cat’s own mother hadn’t ever bothered. Vanessa wasn’t about to tone down the attention, either, despite the fact that Cat—at thirty-one years of age—was hardly a baby.

Vanessa easily fit the “motherly” role in all categories except looks. The lean, tall woman appeared ten years younger than she was. Great skin from avoiding the sun like the plague, and no stray grays due to an almost religious pilgrimage to her hairdresser. Cat could only hope to age half as gracefully. Despite her pseudo-mom’s high-maintenance appearance, however, Vanessa was down-to-Earth, one of the many traits Cat loved about her. But Vanessa’s very best feature was having a heart as big as the Pacific Ocean.

“Yeah, I’m okay. Why?” Cat asked cautiously.

“Because,” Vanessa answered, brows furrowed, “you’re gripping the room’s key card so tightly your knuckles have turned white.”

Cat at her hand and immediately released the key card. The rectangular piece of lightweight plastic floated down onto the convention center’s lobby carpeting. She bent to pick it up with a grunt of annoyance. Wondering whether the clerks at the reception desk heard the unladylike sound, heat rose to her face. The tight waistband of her business suit’s skirt jabbed into her stomach until she straightened up and hastily shoved the key card somewhere in the bowels of her extra-large pink purse.

If I had the money, I’d buy suits in a bigger size. Shopping the sales racks, the selection was always limited. But regardless of how the suit felt, at least it looked professional. The crisp white blouse against the navy skirt and jacket made Cat look more like a banker than a business owner. Appropriate, since tonight’s meeting was all about Ty Orland trying to earn even more money. At her expense.

Vanessa touched Cat’s shoulder. “Don’t worry so much. It’s your land. There’s nothing the man can do to make you sell. You know that. He’ll probably wind up being very impressed with you because you’re young, pretty, and professional. No doubt he’ll be gracious.”

“Yeah. Right.” Of course she’d think so. Cat sighed. Men. The day she found one actually willing to acquiesce to what she wanted would be, well . . . a fabulous first, actually. From her father to her ex-fiancé, their first thought was to bully. Not willing to be the victim any longer, Cat had learned to hold her ground. Still, confrontation was never going to be something she looked forward to. Let alone enjoyed. At least Vanessa understood this aspect of her nature.

Orland Premier Properties, Inc., had been particularly relentless. Constantly calling. Sending non-stop letters. Always trying to set up meetings. Tonight she would have her first—and last—meeting with the man. Giving him her final, definitive, unequivocal “no.”

She wasn’t a clueless, malleable kid anymore. She was a self-assured, experienced, mature woman. Accordingly, Ty Orland, multi-million-dollar-hotel magnate, would be in for a serious surprise. Namely, money could not buy everything.

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