How We Do It

This weekend I watched the movie Across the Universe and it left me deep in thought over the simplest of lines. The movie itself was good with great music, but early on when the male protagonist is put on the spot he comes out with a deep yet simple reply. When asked about whether it is what a man does that defines him or who the man is defines what he does, he replies that it is not what he does but instead how he does it.

The phrase caught me because I’ve heard the what and even more important, the why behind many things. Very rarely do we talk about how we go from point A to point B. But the way we approach each task and how we finish anything is extremely telling about the kind of person each of us is.

Do we greet each day with a heavy heart and a reluctance to do anything or are we jumping with excitement for the work of the day. How we approach and plow through anything is going to have a huge impact on our productivity or even the quality of the work we produce. Have you ever tried to write a book you really weren’t into? Like any other task we aren’t eager to complete, it becomes a drag and no doubt, that attitude will show up to n the page.

So what do we do? My thought is to embrace each task with everything you’ve got. You will never again live this moment and have the chance to do it the way you want.

Happy writing this week!

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