No Magic Solution

Each day I wake up, have the flitting thought that I live in a world of chaos and realize that I’m not sure what to do about it. So what do I do? Nothing of course. The truth is it is all a bit overwhelming and I’m sure I’m not alone in that thought. But my aim is to change it.

I work in the financial services industry and quite frankly, the regulation and subject matter in this industry is endless which leaves me in a state of constantly wanting to know or learn more. For the past few months especially (my current role is more learning than ever before), I’ve taken the tactic of one thing at a time. This fits me as I’m one of those folks who handles almost everything this way (eat all my peas first, my meat next, etc.).

Don’t get me wrong, I can panic just as much as the next person over. But I also realize that life is hardly full of magic solutions for anything. The same goes for our world issues – whether big or small. For me, I’m working more towards helping others. I’m starting through volunteer work and my hope is that it can evolve. The hours I spend here and there, aren’t meant to solve all the worlds issues or even a fraction of them, but they do give insight as to what those around me go through and it’s nice to know that I can help

So next time you are feeling like you just can’t handle something, realize that goals and fixes are achieved through hard work and unity. No magic wands but simply someone who starts off saying they don’t want to simply do “nothing” today.

Happy writing this week!











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