Happy Valentine’s Day by Mandy Rosko

Okay, it’s not Valentine’s Day, but it’s coming, and since it’s the month of romance, that means romantic Alpha Heroes, and discount chocolate and decorations I’ll be buying after Valentine’s Day ends.


Have to get those decorations for book signings and swag, after all 😉


But that’s not the most exciting thing for Valentine’s Day for me. Mainly it’s about getting lots of amazing writing done, looking at all the romance novels I want that the bookstores have put out, and now, finishing up the third Volume for Bad Boy Bear 😀


Which is finished and off with the editor ❤


OMG how did this happen?! All three volumes are finished, and soon they will all be out with the Patrons. I’m so excited I can hardly stand it. The first three of many more books to come is finished, and I sent off the request to the cover artist to get something made up for the print version, which I will be signing and shipping off to the lovely people on the mailed tiers for my new Patron page 😀


In fact, I’ve got a pretty good deal for new Patrons this month. If you come in at $3, you’ll get All 3 Bad Boy Bear Volumes, the third coming out on the 20th, but you will also get the entire Things in the Night Series


That’s, like, 75% off! Okay, I’m not sure of the percentage, but it’s a lot! 😀 Woot!



Next month will be the first book for Wild Wolf’s Wife, and I’m insanely pleased and excited for that. Even though indie sales across the romance board seem to have taken a hit, using this new method to connect to readers has been giving me a lot of hope lately that this is something we can continue to do no matter what Amazon decides.


Oh yeah, and more good news, I heard back from Jack’s House Publishing, and Arrangement with a Billionaire will be going on to Marie. I believe the editor meant Marie Force, so possibly the last line of defense before a decision is made about whether or not they want to publish the book 😀


I’m hoping this means they do want it 😀 That would be stupidly exciting 😀




Mandy Rosko


About Susan Hanniford Crowley

Paranormal Romance, Fantasy, and Science Fiction Author
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