Ding! Round 2! By Stacy Hoff


The bell has been dinged—it’s Round Two. Not for boxing, but for writing. Specifically my upcoming new release, BETTING ON LOVE IN VEGAS, which is book 1 of my brand new contemporary romance series. I got my “round two” manuscript edits back from my publisher last week, and I just completed all the changes they wanted. I made my corrections as fast as I could, banning “free time” from my life as if  it were the plague.

Now that I finally got all my edits done, the galley can be prepared. (For all the non-authors reading this blog, a “galley” is full mock-up of the book.) Once I have the galley, I can send out to book bloggers and reviewers, in advance of release day.

Getting BETTING ON LOVE IN VEGAS prepared ASAP for voracious readers has been a crazy whirlwind. Last minute manuscript details making me bonkers. Even the title of the book has changed during the past few days. The cover art altered, too. All loose ends must be nailed down quick—release day is right around the corner—March 22, 2017!

For an author, publishing a book means completing a series of phases. First, writing the manuscript. Then revising it, polishing it, submitting it, signing the contract, round one edits, round two edits, and then galley review. After that, promotion. Followed by release day.

These steps sound so easy, yet each one requires a substantial amount of time.

Because my “Round two” edits are now done,  I’ve got this book almost ready for release. It’s one more step in my manuscript’s journey. And, because I’m the author, my own personal journey.

Each book I write is another notch in my creative belt. I’m hoping for a lot more notches in the future, including completion of this new series. But first let me get BETTING ON LOVE IN VEGAS completely done and out the door. Once I see it on Amazon, the fat lady will have finally sung.

Man, I’ll be listening hard for her.

Do you have big tasks that take place in phases?



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