No More Shadows

Good morning, and Happy Groundhog Day. Ah, I almost forgot what today is until someone reminded me. I’m sure we’re all quite familiar with the tradition and folklore surrounding the day. Can you believe we’ve been calling up on the wisdom of Punxsutawney Phil and his predecessors since 1887? Wow!

groundhog-dayIn all seriousness, though, it got me to thinking about fearing my own shadow. 2016 wasn’t a stellar year in many ways. I know many others who thought the same thing. As 2017 got under way, though, I vowed to make it the best year yet, to buckle up and aim for the stars.

See, much like Punxsutawney Phil I’ve been spending too much time fearing the shadows of my life. How can we achieve our dreams if we’re constantly looking behind us, waiting for the next shadow skulking around the corner?

Well, we can’t.

So, as we brace ourselves to hear how brave Phil did when he ventured out of the safety of his home and braved the flashing media lights and loud onlookers (and his SHADOW–geez, we set this little guy up for failure, right?), I’m going to hold my breath and cheer him on. It’s not about another six weeks of winter or an early spring. It’s about facing our fears, staring it in the face and running straight through it to chase our dreams.

Here’s to a great Groundhog Day. May we all embrace our inner Phil and say “no more shadows.”

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