Seeing Change

We all have limits in life. There are the limits we set as to how much we will spend or how much we can eat. Then there are the limits we can push, like our tolerances to certain foods or alcohol. But there are some limits that push back on us–those things we are exposed to that leave us changed.

I recently listened to a snippet on NPR about child marriage and girls who have become captives of Boko  Haram. The information was based on research and investigation by Stephanie Sinclair. Her New York Times article can be found here should you be interested in reading it. I realized in hearing about and reading about some of the horrors these girls experience that I have my limits too. It isn’t the first time I have heard about something that literally makes me sick to my stomach.

A few years ago, I felt the same revulsion watching the Whistleblower which stars Rachel Weisz. It was a great movie, but the doors it opened and the way it changed how I see the world is a way I wished never existed. It’s not to say I had never heard of human trafficking before, but I certainly had never really thought about it deeply nor imagined what those involved experienced.

The thing is that once a door is open, a limit pushed, we can never turn back. We are changed-sometimes irreparably so-by war, corruption, greed, hate, anger. Sometimes these things damage us physically, mentally and/or emotionally and understandably we raise our barriers and tighten our limits. Unfortunately, that doesn’t change the awful truth that these things exist in our world. We can pretend they don’t exist to save our sanity but that doesn’t really make it all go away.

So what do we do? we can’t change what we are blind to. Once we accept the truth, our power to impact change grows. From there, it is up to each of us.

May your writing be productive this week!


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