Our Lot in Life

I’ve recently been listening to a podcast called On the Media which released a series on poverty. While I’ve had the good fortune to never experience extreme poverty myself, I have seen poverty in many forms. What struck me particularly interesting about the take on this series was the position that luck plays a role on how we end up in life. This is something I agree with.

Now I won’t deny that I believe hard work and enduring stamina or determination go a long way towards progress in ones life. By progress I mean upward mobility and/or attainment of a comfortable lifestyle. That being said, I also believe our “system” leaves a lot lacking and often times, seems to trap people in a circle of poverty versus giving them a step up.

So what does all of this have to do with any of us? Well, I personally believe it has everything to do with each of us but many may say the opposite. You see, we are each given our lot in life (we can’t control the circumstances we are born into) and from there we can work our butts off to make something of ourselves, but sometimes that isn’t enough. Looking beyond our country, one only has to read a bit about all the displaced immigrants from Syria and it is easy to see how circumstances can trap a person.

But what can we do? There is a ton we can do in the way of donating time and money. A bit of research can show us ways to do that. But if you walk away with one thought from this blog, I’d like it to be that we can each pay it forward in some small way. Life gives us our lot but from there, we rely on each other to some degree. Without sharing and giving, our race will never climb out of poverty and many of us will fail to reach our potential.

Happy writing this week!

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