Trying to Keep Up by Mandy Rosko

With Deadlines looming, and sales running south, it seems now that a lot of authors might be facing the stress of keeping up with the work load while getting the bills paid :S


And Tax season is right around the corner @_@


I might have to make some decisions about the trips and purchases I was planning on making this year just because of this, though I’m hoping it doesn’t come down to that. I’ve had some great experiences and made some awesome connections by going to RT, so I’m hoping I can keep up that momentum


Because of a few other financial commitments I’ve signed myself up for this year, it makes it all the more important that I keep my eye on the prize.


The writing is important. The reader is important. Not buy swag, cool pens and trips, though those last things are helpful.


And I really want to go to RT and I really want to get those pens O.o yeah, I’m pretty bad at managing all this sometimes.


Which is why I’m looking for a program I can use to easily and properly manage my finances. If You have any suggestions on something that will work for a Mac, Trust me, I would love to know, and give you a virtual author hug for your time 😉




Mandy Rosko


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