Our Own Obstacle

I may have mentioned this before… I can be impatient. As a kid, I took piano lessons and asked my teacher on my first day when I could and would play Beethoven. Even worse, I never stuck with the lessons long enough to play something simple like Hot Crossed Buns. The same happened with ballet lessons and now we have a trend.

I know my impatience with progress leads to further frustration and if I let it spiral I will quit activities I start. This is an awful thing to admit but here you have it and this is another reason why writing books and actually finishing them has been so important to me. But it is also all a matter of talking myself through the experience–my inner dialogue.

I recently started a new day job and have hit my toughest point. I want to play Beethoven better than everyone else and yet I’m still learning the notes while others are starting to play songs. As frustrating as this situation is, it can also be used to fuel healthy competition. Wanting to match or out do my peers is one of many variables that drives me. That being said, it doesn’t define me.

Most of us aim to do well in our lives, but life sidetracks us. We come across obstacles, compare ourselves with others and magnify our flaws. In summary, we become our own obstacle. My thoughts on this are give yourself time and have patience. It has worked for me thus far and my plan is to keep it going.

Happy writing this week!


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