Audio Books! by Mandy Rosko

So in a couple of days there’s going to be a webinar I can watch where I can learn how to self publish Audio Books.

Or something like that. I think that’s what’s it’s going to be about, I skimmed the email :/


It’s 4 in the morning, be gentle with me ;_;


Anyway, this is something I’ve been pretty interested in as of late. I’ve been getting a narrator to read over one of my books chapter by chapter, since it’s cheaper, but it’s also a slow process, and so far I have two audio chapters up on my Patreon Romance Page for readers to get their hands on 🙂


I need to contact him about getting a woman to do the voice of the heroine. That’s the nice thing about the lovely Patreony Readers, they can let me know right away if there’s something they don’t like in the way he reads out the book, or his voices, and I can get him to adjust accordingly 😀


This new webinar is coming from Reedsy, a service for authors who want to get cover art, editing, and any number of other services, and though the last time I asked them, they weren’t doing audio, I guess they’re finally implementing it so I can look into getting other books turned into audio books for readers 😀


I really hope that’s what they’re doing. I’ve been super interested in Audio for a while now, and I really want to put some of my books into Audio. The best part is that I might even be able to do it with my shorter monthly novellas, and that would make a great reward for my readers on my Patreon Romance Page, and if I could get the whole book up instead of just posting audio files chapter by chapter, that would be much better.


Of course, I would also need to get a price for these before I could proceed 😉


Wish me luck!




Mandy Rosko


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