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I’m so excited to be a new weekly blogger here on Nights of Passion. This will be my first post, so let me tell you a little bit about myself. My name is Ripley Proserpina and I’m the author of the new adult romance series, The Searchers. I say series, because it’ll be six books. I just need to write the other three… Oh well, details…

The first book in the series is Finding Honor. Nora Leslie is named as a “person of interest” in a school shooting after her foster brother opens fire at the high school where she’s a substitute teacher. Even though Nora is shot, the police are leaning on her hard, thinking there has to be a connection between her and the crime. Spoiler- there’s not. Without friends or family to fall back on, she contacts Legal Aid and meets Ryan Valore, a law intern. He’s the hero type, and wants to rescue her, but things get more complicated when he introduces her to his roommates, all four of them. book-cover

Small aside— the series is Reverse Harem. For those who might be like, “Come again?” Reverse harem is a genre where the heroine falls in love with more than one guy, and they fall in love with her. It’s not a love triangle, because in one of those someone gets kicked to the curb, or dies, or turns out to be evil, or bows out gracefully. There are no teams in reverse harem— it’s one team and everyone wins.




I released a novella in The Searchers series, and that can be found in the reverse harem anthology Falling for Them. The next full length book is releasing in March and is called Finding Valor. While I love reverse harem, I’m also a sucker for paranormal romances and anything dark, and, I don’t know, foggy. Currently, I’m reading The Outsiders series by Rebecca Royce while simultaneously reading Daphne Du Maurier’s Jamaica Inn. Do you need to read books that match the season? Or maybe do it unconsciously?

Introductions are hard— I’m overcome with the urge to be super engaging and interesting, so I’ll quit while I’m ahead and leave you with an excerpt from my current work in progress, a matchmaking story about a fallen angel, adorable demon spawn, and a doctoral student.

 “Yeah, yeah. I know. You’re big and bad. Let’s try this. What do you need to know from her? What will it take for you to fly away?” 

Staring at Lucia, he seemed to weigh her question. “I want to know about my sister. Was she the girl’s creator? Where is she now?” 

“That’s it?” 

A stillness came over him, reminding her of a panther watching its prey while it lay in wait. Finally, he answered, “Yes. That’s it.” 

“Well, when she wakes up. We can ask her. And then you can leave us alone.” 

The side of his mouth turned up, softening his stone features so she found herself smiling in response. “I hate to remind you, but you’re the ones in my house.” 

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The Searchers Novella, Book 1.5. Finding Nora– can be found in the anthology Falling for Them


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  1. Susan Hanniford Crowley says:

    Welcome, Ripley! It’s great having you here!

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