Why Matters

I’ve come to a conclusion. For us to truly be motivated to do anything, we must have a reason why we do it. And not simply any reason why but a meaningful and valid reason why. Out with the superficial reasons!

I know I’ve mentioned Simon Sinek a time or two and I still maintain his Ted Talks and books are great as you look to explore that deeper meaning behind the importance of why. Even more than the business sense though is the bigger thought of what drives each of us and why?

Why do you work? Are you passionate about what you do? Are you striving to take care of your family? Or are you really just looking for a paycheck so you don’t have to rely on others as much. Depending on our motivations and how important they are to each of us, there can be differing degrees as to how much they motivate us. For instance, if the person last example I mentioned really doesn’t mind being supported by parents and friends indefinitely, they probably won’t be too motivated to change their situation. On the other hand, if that same person can’t stand feeling like a charity case, they might really up the efforts on searching out a job.

My moral of the blog this week? Think about what you are working towards and why? Is it a struggle to work towards your goals and if so, have you thought about why and whether you are pushing forward for the right reasons?  In other words, find your why.

Happy writing this week!

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