Evolution and Resolution

Happy New Year! Another year gone by and we have another new beginning.  Like many this time of year, I find myself thinking about possible New Years resolutions and like the last couple of years, I also find myself bored with the same old resolutions. Do I need to lose weight? Sure. Should I exercise more and eat healthier? Absolutely. Would I like to write more? You betcha. But it doesn’t always work out that way and I’m just a bit turned off by the idea of throwing the towel in. There is so much I want but I have priorities and make trade offs.

I’ve realized I’m evolving. Different things are important for now and I try not to let it bother me that I can’t do it all. I recently saw that movie Bad Moms and have to say I completely identify with it. I’m not a super mom and never will be. Even still, my family is my priority and whatever impacts them is part of my resolution this year. If you are in a similar situation this year, just remember that taking care of you is part of that give back. A happier you means that those around you are getting the best you.

So my advice for 2017? Pick a bigger theme for this year- family, career, health, etc. and go for it with all you’ve got. A lot of these feed into each other too so don’t feel like one goal shuts the others out.

Happy writing in 2017 and good luck with your resolution!

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One Response to Evolution and Resolution

  1. Mischa Eliot says:

    I like the way you think. I follow the OneWord (but I broke that and chose two this year) to help you focus on things. My word(s) are geared towards writing and all that comes with the title of Writer.

    I do know that there are people who will choose something to focus on each month. Or, instead of focusing on several resolutions at once, they tier them. January they get their schedule setup and written out (if need be). Then each month after has a main focus added to the prior items of choice. Want to eat healthier? January could be the month you save recipes, look up locally grown foods, and create menus or research making several meals to last the week and save time. February could be focus on getting to the gym 3 times a week. Then in March you’d add another item as you get adjusted to the previous schedule.

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