New Year’s Revolutions by Heather Novak

Forget resolutions. Resolutions are wimpy things we tell ourselves and promptly forget about 4 days later when faced with Aunt Betty’s delicious chocolate cake. Resolutions were before 2016 tried to beat us to the ground.

carrie-fisherIf we’ve learned anything from this year’s massive cluster of deaths, diseases, violent attacks, political minefields, and hard-hitting bad news, it’s that we need to stop waiting for life to happen to us. It’s time to create our own revolutions.

No, I am not condoning violence. 

I’m talking about using all of your expendable energy to make a positive change in your life and in the world around you.

We need happily ever afters, right now! So, forgot about your resolution to finish writing that book someday. Make a battle plan, put on that epic music, call in your troops to hold you accountable, and write your fingers off. Storyboards, writing groups, online writing workshops, #amwriting on Twitter all can help motivate you. I have bulletin boards covered in my characters and their backstories, ready to go.

Want to lose weight? Studies show that having a support group is the best way to lose weight and keep it off. (I have a solid history with Weight Watchers, so I’m partial to them.) Be smart, talk to your doctor, find a friend. Talk to a nutritionist. Don’t do a fad diet. Instead, really learn about food, understand how foods affect your body. Join a cooking class and learn to cook so you can eat out less.

Upset about the election? Get yourself out there and get your voice heard. Find out where you can volunteer, research running for local office, host a fundraiser for a marginalized organization or person you believe in, maybe even participate in Rock the Vote (nearly half of eligible people didn’t vote in 2016). You can make a difference.

Annoyed that Hallmark Christmas movies have such little diversity? Yeah, me too. Get those fingers typing those scripts. Write letters. Tweet. Send emails. 

Pissed that Good Girls Revolt was canceled by an all-male board, despite its incredible ratings? Yeah, me too. Write letters, tweet, send emails. (If you haven’t seen this Amazon Prime show about the women of Newsweek Magazine fighting for women’s rights in 1969, you need to. Immediately.)

No one ever made a difference in this world by being passive and quiet and making a resolution to try again on some arbitrary date. We need diverse voices now more than ever. We need happily ever afters to inspire hope. We need real life people making a real life difference. 

Whatever  you decide to work on to make the world a better place, know I am cheering you on. Go forth and love.

Happy New Year’s Revolutions my friends.

On this day in 1812: Beethoven’s “Violin Sonata No. 10 in G major, Opus 96” was performed for the first time.

Wishing You Laughter & Good Books,BannerWithInfo_ForWeb
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  1. I like the way you helping people with your very occurred opinion and suggestion thanks for this and keep posting I am waiting for your next blog.

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