New Year, Old Plans

Have you ever started something and not finished it? What about made a New Year’s resolution and not followed through? If you are one of the rare people who has not done either of these, then you can pat yourself on the back, but the majority of us out there (myself included) most certainly fall within the bucket of having tried something and given it up far too soon.

This New Year, my plan is to take something I’ve already planned to do and finish it. The list is a mile long so I have plenty to choose from, but it is more of a matter of choosing the right something. I recommend you be strategic as well. If you are planning to lose fifteen pounds, that is certainly an admirable goal, but what are you going to do this year that will be any different from the previous New Years? Get specific with your plan if you want it to come to fruition.

This year, my resolution will be writing related. I’ve taken quite a break from writing as I’ve spent the last year+ studying and passing a very big test. I’ve also taken on learning a new position and lastly, I’ve gone through some changes on the home front that really have cut into (and will continue to cut into) my free time. Still, if I’ve learned one thing over the years it is that writing is a part of me. It is also very therapeutic. I’ve got a few ideas of started manuscripts to choose from so it is really a matter of moving forward. Can I do it? I plan to!

Happy writing to you all this week and good luck as you start narrowing down those resolutions!




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