Season of Spirit

I’m sure throughout the years, I’ve mentioned that I love the holiday season a time or two. It isn’t necessarily for the gifts I receive or the food I eat-although I won’t complain about either-but it is for they way people tend to act overall. Now, I’m not going to deny hearing the occasional crazy shopping story but I’m referring to a more common approach…that contagious spirit of giving simply for the purpose of making others happy.

I know that giving occurs year round and that a lot of times, the media will focus more on giving during this time of year. What really makes it special is that even those who usually aren’t so giving get into the spirit. Perhaps it’s the holiday music being played everywhere or the many versions of A Christmas Carol we see on the television. It’s corny and absolutely happy and oh so much fun.

So why should it all even matter and why should we take such glee in this season of spirit? I’m not meaning to be a downer but for as much goodness that exists in the world, there is plenty of hardship, sadness and ill will. My suggestion is we tip the scale in the good direction. It can be for the season or beyond, but the purpose is to just enjoy the happiness of others and gain happiness through the experience. I even challenge you to share your stories. They may inspire others to continue the spirit and generosity.

Happy writing this week!

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