Writer Anne B. Cole Gets Rescued by The Postman by Stacy Hoff

Stacy_Cartoon_v2 Hello Passionate readers! Today on Nights of Passion I have on author Anne B. Cole. Anne’s here to tell us how the setting for her new novel, SOULS ENTWINED, was inspired by a real life experience!

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Rescued by the Postman by Anne B. Cole

Ever visit a place where you think, ‘Wow! This is picture perfect!’ or ‘What a great place for a movie setting!’ ? Authors frequently use settings from real life experiences in their novels. All three novels in The Souls Trilogy contain a mountain setting in Virginia which I have experienced first-hand. I was inspired to use this picture perfect setting from a trek up a mountain with my family and father. Point Look Out Mountain is located in Virginia and we made the climb to the top on two occasions. The view is absolutely beautiful and you can see for miles on a clear day.


In Souls Entwined, Book One of the Souls Trilogy, Gretta and Sam find themselves traveling through time and at one point they stop in a grassy field next to a beautiful tree covered mountain range. It is a short stop in their travels, yet becomes an important setting in the second book of the series. Gretta takes refuge in a cabin within the same mountain setting in Souls Estranged. In the final book, Souls Endure, Gretta and Sam travel past the mountain on their way to NYC. In the picture below, you can see the winding roads in the vast valleys.

I took the above picture from the mountain top at a lookout point. Yes, we made it to the top on both hikes… but….there is a story to tell….

The walk up Point Lookout Mountain is about three miles and an elevation change of a little over 1,500 feet.  It is 4,510 feet above sea level at the top and from there, one can see Pilot Mountain in North Carolina, which is about 40 miles away.

This is the beginning of our hike.


We kept the cell phone tower located at the top of the mountain in front of us as our guide to our destination. Here, we are half way up.

The hike was gradual until the final half mile to the top. Here is a picture of my kids, husband, and father climbing the last segment.


Here is a view overlooking the grassy field we hiked through on our way up.


About three hours after we started our hike, I took this picture from the top, looking down.


My father’s house is located at the foot of this mountain. The grassy field is about half way up the mountain. The picture below was taken in the rock studded grassy field you can see in the picture above.


I used this mountain setting the most in the second book, Souls Estranged. Gretta goes for a run from the cabin down the mountain roads. She loses track of time and meets Mr. Francis who shows her a short cut back up the mountain through a grassy, boulder studded field. Fun fact…my father’s middle name is Francis. He is in the picture above along with my three kids.

The first time my family ‘climbed the mountain’ was also my father’s first time since he had recently moved to Virginia. Once we made it to the top we were fairly tired with three kids ages 7, 9, 11. We decided instead of walking back the way we came through the steep woods, we would take the easier route and walk roads back down. Little did we know the road deposited us on the other side of the mountain— ten miles from my father’s home.

Oh, boy! Cell phone reception in rural mountains is non-existent. We walked about five miles along little-used roads. The kids kept asking, “How much farther?” followed quickly by, “I’m tired.” Yep, I was tired too, but we kept walking and my dad kept trying to use his cell phone. We took turns giving the kids ‘piggy-back’ rides, knowing we still had several more miles to walk.

Suddenly, the mail man drove alongside us and said “Hi!” to my father. The mail man knows everyone personally on his route and offered his assistance. All six of us crammed into the mail car and hitched a ride back via the U.S. Postal Service. My kids LOVED the fact we had them sitting on our laps and didn’t mind being squished for the final ten minute drive back home.

The hike up the mountain, losing our way, and being rescued by the post man became one of my kids’ favorite stories to tell over the years. Several ‘What did you do this summer?’ essays and speeches were written on this very excursion. To this day, they love to tell the story about how we were lost and rescued by the mail man.

Needless to say, the second time we walked up the mountain, we walked back the way we came. The kids were all three years older. It was tricky climbing down, but we didn’t get lost! The mountain holds many special memories for me and easily became a setting within my trilogy.

Hope you enjoyed, ‘the rest of the story’ behind The Souls Trilogy.

Book Blurb For SOULS ENDURE:

Protected against the ring’s curse by their bond in marriage, Sam and Gretta begin a new life together. Gifted with a free honeymoon from strangers, they encounter visits from spirits of dead loved ones as they travel to the origins of the curse on Gretta’s ring. The beautiful Greek Islands become not only their honeymoon get-a-way, but their fated destiny where they will be forced to either break the curse or succumb to its evil.

With help from ancestral spirits Roxana and Katarina, Sam and Gretta travel back into the past in search of answers to the mysteries behind the ring’s final curse. Faced with challenges of faith, trust, and forgiveness, Sam and Gretta prepare to make the ultimate sacrifice.

annebcolesoul anebcolesoulestranged

Author bio:

Anne B. Cole crosses genre lines by combining action/adventure, supernatural suspense, time travel, and sweet romance.

Anne lives in Indiana with her husband and three teenage children. She teaches preschool and makes time to run so she can eat peanut butter and chocolate every day. Anne is currently writing PROTECTED, the first in a series of three suspense novels.


Anne B. Cole Website/Blog


Souls Entwined Trailer

Souls Entwined


Souls Estranged


Souls Endure




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  1. Anne B. Cole says:

    Thanks, Nights of Passion and Stacy Hoff for hosting me today!
    What a great day! It’s snowing:)

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