Precious Time

There is never enough time. I wake up each morning with a list of things to do and as I cross items off, the list seems to grow. This of course, keeps me within a never ending cycle.

This week my little guy starts preschool. It’s too soon but I’m not sure there will ever be a right time. As I spent these past few weeks pondering this change for my family, I also spent a lot of time contemplating our tendency to always be rushing, always be busy. And for what? Does it really make the difference we think it will?

I say “we” as I see it all around me. Folks driving or waiting in the coffee line as they answer texts or emails. Jam packed schedules and meetings filled with laptops or smartphones as attendees attempt to multi-task. It never ends and the more efficiencies we gain, the more we try to cram into our days.

So what do we do with our precious time? I’ve been a huge proponent of taking breaks and slowing down, but that isn’t possible all the time. These days, the pace simply gets faster and faster and if you can’t keep up you’ll get left behind. But what you can do is prioritize and give your full attention to what or who deserves it. Make time matter and you’ll waste less of it. I speak for myself in this reference too as I can’t recall the number of times I have to redo tasks due to not paying full attention.

Now go out, clear your head and write! Good luck and happy writing until next week!


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