I’ve Been Gilmored: What the Ending Means by Heather Novak (**WARNING** SPOILERS)

On November 25, I watched all four Gilmore Girl Revival episodes.

I have been Gilmored.

And I’ve solved the ending.

After waiting for nearly 10 years to find my way back to Stars Hollow, I finally made the trip “home” for my birthday. It was simultaneously everything I hoped for and missing things I wanted. What is the issue? We’re all grown up.








I’m Rory’s age, although she was a year behind me in school. During the original series, I agreed with Rory and most of her choices (and as charming as Logan is – and HE IS CHARMING – still can’t get behind him.)

But 32 year old Rory?

The hell, girl?

I would NEVER go back to my college boyfriend and be his mistress…which is good because I did just get married…soooo there’s also that. This story line is much more suited to someone in their mid-twenties, but I digress.

I find myself more on Emily’s side! There, I said it.

I grieved at Richard’s absence, although ASP did an amazing job making his presence felt. When Rory entered his study and saw him in the chair? Holy cats. HICCUP SOBS. It was a mess. And then she sat and typed at his desk with her painting right there?

GD. I was done.

Now, the show had some issues. I had trouble keeping up with the timeline, especially in Fall. I couldn’t tell if it was a day or a week or a month later. To be fair, I watched the show with some friends and family, so it’s possible I was just distracted. 

I missed the theme song, which we didn’t get until the last episode. I was thrilled to see Carole King come back! (Ironically, my day job has me working on an event she’s going to be attending, so it was a fun real-life-meets-fictional-life moment.) I laughed hard at the crack to her music. And while I adored the Stars Hollow musical, it was loooooong.

But it was like a reunion for the soul! I’m so glad Melissa McCarthy came back, it was the perfect cameo for her. I missed Max and really wished he made an appearance at Chilton. The recast of Tristan…let’s not even talk about that. And I need to mention PARIS IS STILL ONE OF MY FAVORITES! (Except I can’t even with her and Doyle right now.)

Kirk made a new film. Enough said.

But let’s be honest. You’re all here to understand the cliff hanger. I’m here to help.

I can feel some of you pulling away. I know a huge negative wave has washed through the audience. Yes, at 32 as well, I’m disappointed in Rory’s choices. She SHOULDN’T have been having an affair (AGAIN) with someone. I think she could’ve stayed in politics with her talent. She could have created her own travel blog by now. She was a little too “spoiled millennial” to me, and I found her SUPER annoying in many scenes.

That being said, I also remember this ending was written for a younger Rory. To be fair, if this had happened to younger Rory, I would’ve been devastated. Now, I’m just wondering why the hell she wasn’t up to date on her birth control…(I know that not all birth control is 100% effective even when used correctly, but Rory doesn’t even know when her underwear is. She has to write a note that she needs to break up with Paul. I mean, her irresponsibility level leads me to believe she is not using her birth control effectively or correctly.)

After the last line, the talk with Christopher made sense. SO much sense. It also undoubtedly cast Logan as Christopher. They are pretty much the same person. Charming, attractive, rich, and in a constant battle with pleasing his parents while living his own life, but ultimately choosing money. They want to be in the lives of the “Force of Nature” Gilmores, but they can’t hack it. They don’t have the backbone.

With Logan as Christopher, you know that leaves Jess as Luke. WE FINALLY got a hint of it in Fall.

1) Let’s take a moment an appreciate Jess’s butt in those jeans. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

2) He’s the only one who’s been able to pull Rory out of her ruts. Every serious rut, he’s there. He challenges her to be a better person and own her mistakes as well as her talent.

3) HE IS NOT TECHNICALLY RELATED! It’s a bit “in the close circle” if you will, but he’s a step-nephew who didn’t become a step-nephew until Rory was 32. That’s not even a little weird.

4) He encourages her to write the book. When she runs out and shows him the pages at the end, it’s perfect! You can see it in his eyes and on her face. 

5) THE LONG STARE. Guys, that was it. That long stare was the “beginning.”

So here’s how I see it playing out:

Rory will not tell Logan that she’s pregnant until after he’s married. He will not want to tell his family because then they’ll know about the affair, but he’ll try to be part of her life and pay her off. Rory will struggle with this (because Logan IS charming and crazy hot without a shirt on), but eventually find her backbone and tell him to sod off. 

Gilmore Girls book will become a best seller and land Rory into a lengthy book deal. She’ll stay in Stars Hollow and visit Nantucket to write while raising a mini-me, which better be a daughter. If it’s a boy, however, she’ll name it Richard. During this time, Jess will be around for holidays and whatnot, biding his time.

Eventually, Jess and Rory will connect. Maybe through a health scare with Lorelei/Luke, maybe through someone’s passing, maybe through something terribly exciting…like Doyle picking up one of her books and turning it into a movie! (I think the implication is that the TV show was based on the book here.)

Jess and Rory will finally get married and move to a bigger city, but visit Stars Hollow often. He will continue his publishing and she will continue writing and they’ll make the power couple of the decade.

So yes, despite the cliffhanger, all of the seeds are in place for a Happily Ever After. This was just FINALLY Lorelei’s time. My husband was very glad we got married BEFORE I saw the Luke and Lorelei wedding, let me tell you (I would have wanted the entire thing and our wedding planner would’ve killed me.)

I’m happy with the revival. 3.5 out of 5 stars. 

On this day in 1835 Hans Christian Andersen published his first book of fairy tales.

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One Response to I’ve Been Gilmored: What the Ending Means by Heather Novak (**WARNING** SPOILERS)

  1. Mischa Eliot says:

    Totally Gilmored. Disappointed in Rory, but understanding, too. Hoping that with all the back and forth she hooked up with Jess and the kid is his. While I kind of like Logan he will never be the one for her.

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