First off, Happy Thanksgiving… it’s almost here! I love this time of year as it really is dedicated to a bit more reflection about what we have versus what we want (the rest of the year seems dedicated to that whether we mean it to or not). This year, it seems especially important as there has been so much about this year that has either shocked us or that we as a society seem to rebelling against. Brexit, discussions of race and religion (and at times violence), protests and our recent election are just a few examples.

I spoke with a friend the other day and she seemed completely worked up about the state of our country, our global economy and our recently elected president. It isn’t that I don’t think some of her concerns valid, but I acknowledged that she can only do what she can do—we can all only do what we can do and that has to be enough for now. Really what I’m saying is control what is in your power to control.

Tomorrow we give thanks for all the good we do have in each of our lives—some of us more than others. For this one day (at least), I encourage us all to reflect on what went well personally for us this year. And if you can’t think of much, perhaps reflect on what you want to change about the coming year and how you aim to change it.

As for me, I’m forever thankful for my family and for starting a new job that I see to love. I’m thankful for my health and for my country (yes I still believe the USA to be an amazing place) and for those who protect it. And lastly, I’m thankful to be so blessed as I truly believe I am.

Happy writing this week and may you not go into any turkey comas (they aren’t conducive to writing)!


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