NaNoWriMo Almost There by Mandy Rosko

Okay, so I might be overworking myself since I totally slept in until 2pm today, which is insane. I don’t even think I stayed up that late, but I guess that’s what happens when you’re determined to hit your goals.


I am now at 39K words for my novel for Nanowrimo, on top of the 10K words I wrote for my Patreon group for my other new novel (check that out here if you wanted to learn more) and then there were the 60K words I wrote for Siren so far.


I have 9 days left to get everything I want done. I’m kind of wishing that was more like twenty days at this point @_@


Luckily, the roads finally look clear, even though it’s still windy as hell outside, so the Dog might get to go for his walk since I can drive again, and then I’m heading out for a coffee because I desperately need it at this point.


Is anyone else on the verge of collapse because of Nanowrimo? Let me know and we can totally share in our pain 🙂




Mandy Rosko


About Susan Hanniford Crowley

Paranormal Romance, Fantasy, and Science Fiction Author
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