NaNoWriMo Day 15 by Mandy Rosko



I’m a bit behind on Nanowrimo. I stopped working on my book for a couple of days. To be honest, I stopped working on all books for a couple of days because this cough is really starting to get to me. A friend tried giving me Fisherman’s Friend, but it was so gross I couldn’t do it.

I keep seeing memes everywhere that compare the taste of cough medicine to death. I don’t know if I would go that far, but it’s definitely up there on the gross scale. Then it just doesn’t work ;_;




The good news is that my Patreon campaign went amazingly well, considering I was dumb enough to hold it on election day. Lots of people got their books, and now my plans are to make sure future rewards will be worth their support ❤


I’ve gotten some feedback on the Narrator I hired to do the audio version for Alpha, and I’ll give it a couple more chapters and see how it goes before continuing. He definitely needs a filter, however. Apparently his cat destroyed it, and I love kitties, so forgiveness is in order ^_^


With their help on Patreon, not only can I write books exclusively for Patrons until release day and get the audio book on the move, but I can also pick up premade cover art without fear of not having the cash on hand. I’ve also got some plans to put some of the funds towards swag for the Romancing The Capital Event where I will be doing a signing. Can’t wait for that one 😀 And to show off what I want to come in ❤


Thank you if you are one of my supporters over there, and just thanks anyway for reading and listening to me moan and cry about my stupid cough. You’re pretty spectacular either way 😉


If you wanted to check out the first two chapters of Kidnapped by the Dragon, my new book in progress, and even vote on what you want to see in the book, please check out this link: Kidnapped by the Dragon


Happy reading!


Mandy Rosko




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