Romance Author Gerri Brousseau with Season of Promises Contest

black-eyed-susansThank you, Susan, for inviting me here today. I can hardly believe November is already here and people are preparing for Thanksgiving and the holiday season. When I think of the holidays I get a warm feeling recalling memories of family, loved ones and joyous moments spent enjoying wonderful festive feasts. One of the things I always enjoy at this time of year is the holiday music and the wonderful holiday movies. Yes, I know we have all seen these beloved movies dozens of times, we know Charlie Brown’s friends find the true meaning of Christmas, George Bailey realizes he makes a difference in everyone’s life and Clarence will get his wings, Kevin’s mother finds him in NY, and Rudolph lights the way, yet, we can’t resist watching. And then there are the wonderful holiday romance novels that appear this time of year. This year, I’m thrilled to share my most recent release, A Promise of Forever, which is one of the novellas in the “Season of Promises, Holiday Box Set.” A Promise of Forever is the fourth story in a sort of mini-series.

When I wrote the first story, The Yuletide Bride which was included in “Season of Magic,” I never dreamed I would be able to, or interested in, writing a series. However, when I finished the story, I found I wasn’t finished with telling the story of the characters in the Nelson family. I wondered what happened in their lives and thought perhaps the readers did as well. The more I thought on it, the more the characters seemed to yearn to have their stories told, and a series was born.

In The Yuletide Bride the Lady Roxanne Rothchild attempts to win the heart of Stuart Nelson. She was quite the antagonist in that story, and I couldn’t help but wonder if the bad girl deserved to find love. The more I thought about it, the more I felt that I wanted to tell Roxanne’s story. Thus, the final tale in the Nelson Family Saga was born, “A Promise of Forever.”

What is this story about? Here is a little blurb:

Her virtue is lost, and her reputation in tatters when a twist of fate sends Lady Roxanne Rothchild from London to the vibrant city of Venice, and into the arms of the handsome and intriguing Danté. But she is not the only one vying for his affection. Anna Maria Delafino de Padova will use everything in her power to drive a wedge between Danté and Roxanne and win his favor, including revealing the truth about Lady Rothchild. Will Roxanne be able to put her blemished past behind her and find love, and will she have the courage to reach for a promise of forever?


And . . . here is a little excerpt from A Promise of Forever: season-of-promises

Signorina?” Danté said in a voice just above a whisper.

Roxanne jumped at the sound. She hurriedly wiped her tears away with the back of her hand.

Signorina, something troubles you?” He sat upon the bench beside her and took her hand in his. His touch sent a tingle from her finger tips to her shoulders. His gaze sought hers, concern etched upon his brow.

“No, Danté. I am fine, really. I was just being sentimental over something I was reading.” She indicated the book in her lap.

He drew her into his embrace and ran his hand down her back. Warmth flooded her and pooled low in her belly. “Do not be troubled, cara. It pains me to see you cry,” he said.

She buried her face in his neck, savoring the scent of him—clean linen, soap, the warmth of the sun and the smell of the earth. I would care not if he were really only a servant. I could spend the remainder of my days in his arms.

She shook her head and drew slightly back from him. “I really am fine. Thank you for your concern.”

His gaze locked with hers. Tears lingered upon her dark lashes, and he reached up to wipe them away.

He’s so handsome. His lips are . . . but before she could complete her thought he lowered his head and his full lips brushed gently over hers. Her heart raced. She brought her hand up to his shoulder, yet she did not push him away. He drew her further into his embrace and kissed her, this time deeper, his lips begging hers to part. She leaned into him and her lips parted, allowing his tongue to dance with hers. Her head swam with remembrance of her earlier fantasy.


Season of Promises also features five other novellas; Unexpected Holiday Bonus, written by Merry Holly (a/k/a Marian Lanouette), The Littlest Angel, written by Vicki Batman, Bad Luck Partners, written by Cara Marsi, Tillie’s Last Match, written by Bobbi Lerman, and Christmas Promise, written by Jane Gale

It seems as if the holidays and romance go hand-in-hand, and if you love this time of year I invite you to curl up in a comfy chair with a nice hot cup of tea (or coffee, or better yet, a glass of wine) and enjoy the romance of the season with Season of Promises.

And now for a little fun  . . . if you would like to have the chance to win a free e-book copy of this box set, please leave a comment telling me why. The contest will run until Midnight tonight, the winner will be chosen at random, and the results will be posted here. Thank you! Contest void where prohibited by law.

Thank you, Gerri, for bringing more fun to Nights of Passion. Good luck everyone!




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3 Responses to Romance Author Gerri Brousseau with Season of Promises Contest

  1. C.D. Hersh says:

    Just love box set and holiday stories. Both together, yum 😉

  2. Gerri Brousseau says:

    CD Congratulations! You win a free e-book of Season of Promises. Please contact me at with the email associated with your Kindle and I will forward your prize to you. Thank you for leaving a comment, and again congratulations.

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