Rose-colored Glasses

I have straightish hair. As a kid, it was straighter and I always wanted super curly hair. I know… why always want what we don’t have. This one is an easy fix though. I simply use a curling iron and with a bit of effort and a lot of time, I’m showing of luscious curls. I bring this up because I’ve been wondering this week why we always seem to want what others have or how our backgrounds tend to shade our perceptions.

This past weekend, I was listening to Marketplace Weekend and they did a quick interview with Anthony Bourdain. I have to agree with the interviewer that he really is a very interesting person and I personally have loved watching and reading his work. In the interview, one of the questions was what was one thing he believed viewers don’t know about his work. He replied stating it could be lonely– that he travels all over, sees tons of beautiful views but that he does it all alone. Of course, this struck me as sad and he is right, that is definitely not something I ever would have thought watching him. Instead, I most likely have wished I could be traveling all over and visiting new places and trying different foods. I have thought probably what many have thought– what an awesome job!

What I’m really reflecting on this week is that there are always different sides or views. We tend to see sometimes what we want to see or even what we don’t want to see. Our backgrounds, our experiences, our beliefs all contribute to the perception we form. That isn’t always necessarily bad, it just is. And as a result, it can mean at times that we see only part of the picture.

Lesson learned? I’m not sure if there really is a lesson, but I’d say that as you look at the world, try to see it the way others might see it. It is not to say you toss out your view, only that you add too it. Make it broader and perhaps we’ll all see a bit more clearly.

Happy writing this week!

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