Who’s Your Favorite Vamp?

As you probably know I love vampires. I love the scary ones, the romanticized ones, and the funny ones. I am quite honestly not at all discriminating in my vampire love.

There is a “right” moment for each kind of vampire. One doesn’t always want to scared to death by Nosferatu every second of the night (or day). Sometimes you need a vampire who can bring the romance, one who oozes sex appeal. Other times you need a good laugh. There’s a reason mythology has turned from thinking only of them as monsters that suck you dry.

We like the scary edge of the unknown. We want to believe we could survive it, maybe even change it.

I’m not so sure that fantasy is even remotely attainable. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t dream. Here’s a list of my top five favorite vampires as played by these actors. But please note, this list does change, pending mood, time of year, and new vamps on the scene!

5.  Gary Oldman as Dracula

4.  Bela Lugosi as Dracula

3.  Alexander Skarsgard as Eric

2.  Luke Evans as Vlad III


1. Eva Prim, though I’ve not decided who would play her. Eva is a cross between I Love Lucy and Elvira so finding the right actress is taking some thought.


Who is your favorite vampire? Comment below for a chance to win an e-copy of Demons and the Dark Roast, an Eva Prim short story.

Winner will be announced in the comments on October 31st. Contest is void where prohibited by law.


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Happy Halloween!

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