Gypsies, Witches, and Crystal Gazers

I’m so pleased to introduce Liberty Blake. I met Liberty at a conference for the New England Chapter of RWA a few years back. I won a tarot reading with her, which I not only enjoyed but found to be quite eye-opening!



Once upon a long, long time ago I worked as a psychic, tarot reader, fortune teller. Whatever name you want to call it, when you boil it down to its base stock it is all the same, it is one person telling another about future opportunities.

In the past I’ve worked in a reading room, in my own shop, and as a free-lancer.

My first experience of having a reading was a bit nerve wracking. A friend gave me the name and number of a woman two towns over who read. I called her and she had a thick eastern European accent which made communication a little difficult. We finally settled on a day and time, and I showed up at her door at the appointed time.

The woman worked out of her house, and I, a good Catholic girl, showed up alone. (Which I would never advise anyone to do.) I was so nervous, I didn’t know what to expect. Would there be inverted crosses? Was my curiosity leading me into a den of iniquity?

The door opened to reveal a tired looking woman smoking a cigarette. I stepped into the house and she led me into the kitchen where I sat on the edge of my seat and fumbled with an oversized deck of cards as Ava instructed me too.

Within a few months many of the things she told me had come to pass and I returned for another reading, this time with my mother in tow. She needed a reading also.

Not long after that I began babysitting for a woman who was learning how to read palms. I was one of her practice palms. She studied my hand for a few minutes and then told me I’m the one who should be doing the readings.

I was stunned. I had pre-cog moments all the time and even though I often knew what was going to happen before it did I had never considered I could take it further. After all, it’s not what good Catholic girls do.

So I found a novelty store that had a back room set up for five readers to work in, bought a deck of Tarot cards and a book and I learned.

I learned the layouts, I learned the cards, and I learned from the professional readers in the backroom. I also learned that anyone can give you a credible reading, but without some psychic ability, they can’t give you the complete picture. Due to the multiple meanings and how the cards interact with each other in the layout that it takes more than a book and a knowledge of the meanings, to connect the dots.

Unlike Ava, the readers I met in the shop were young, hip, people.

I practiced my readings on friends and family before taking my readings professional. I began with house parties. I made special sachets to give to the people hosting the parties to encourage more readings.

One of my favorite parties took place in an old house where three young women lived. They had ten of their best friends partying in the living room while I read each person in the privacy of the kitchen.

The entire night I had chills running up and down my spine and a disapproving spirit trying to get me to speed up and go home. When I gave the women their gifts they were amazed. The sachets were not the love ones they had thought I would bring, they were sachets to ward off ghosts.

There were several moments of silence before they told me about the ghost that came with the house. He knew I had the sachets and he tried to stop me from leaving them in the house. (If I’m invited back I have lots of true ghost stories to share with you.)

Parties were fun, but draining. So I applied for a job at the novelty store. I had to read the owner and his assistant but when I was through, they were surprised that I had picked up on so many things no other reader had ever brought up before.

Before I knew it I had a long list of regular clients. Most were on a monthly basis, but several were weekly visitors.

Why would people want to see a psychic so often? Love. Money. Loneliness?

Many days I would do twenty or more readings a day. Not good if I wanted to go out with friends after work. I’d walk into a club and be assaulted by so many thoughts I’d barely be able to catch my breath.

One reading during that time still stands out in my mind. I somber man came in and sat down at my table. I did his reading, which was on the bleak side, and hoped he would find a way to turn it around. When I asked if he had any questions he wanted answered he asked me if his wife was cheating on him.

I had him shuffle the cards. I fanned them out and asked him to pick out three cards. I laid them out without saying a word because my heart had hit the floor with the first card.

I struggled to find a way to answer him without telling him what I really saw, so I asked for three more cards—still hoping for a ray of light in the darkness.

It just wasn’t there. I told him the truth of what I saw, but I also told him I could be wrong. I knew I was right, I not only saw it in the cards, but I could see it vividly in my head, but I had to give the poor man something to cling to.

After he left, David, the other reader on duty said, “You shouldn’t have told him. He’s going to go home and beat his wife.”

I shook my head. “No, he’s not a violent man.”

(Perhaps now is a good time to mention there were five tables set up in a U shape for the readers. We were separated by carved wooden screens that gave the illusion of privacy, but when you didn’t have a client you could hear everything being said at the other tables.)

Two days later an angry woman flounced in and slammed her butt in the chair opposite from me. I glanced toward the door and saw two sad-eyed little girls staring in at me.

“My husband was in two days ago and you told him I was having an affair with my boss. You described my boss and his car.”

Was she there to beat me up?

“I’m sorry,” I mumbled.

“Who told you?”

“Nobody told me, it was in the cards.”

“I want you to tell me how I can convince my husband that it’s all over and then help me find a way to continue the relationship with my boss.”

“I can’t do that,” I gasped.

“Look, I don’t want my husband to divorce me, I’m afraid he’ll get the kids, but I love my boss and he won’t leave his wife. I’m not ready for our relationship to end.”

I could see David out of the corner of my eye. If he leaned any further out of his chair he would land on his face.

“Does your husband beat you?” I had to know.

“He would never hit me,” she responded.

In the end she left unhappy. Her husband did file for divorce, he did get the children, and a few years later he met a very nice woman who was glad to help him raise his daughters.

When I read for others I don’t use a Tarot deck. I use an old French Destiny deck. Most people can recognize certain cards and become frightened. Many people don’t hear anything you say after they see “Death” card. They just want to know who it is who is going to die.

No matter how many times you explain to people that the card doesn’t necessarily mean death, it is a card of new beginnings. The ending of one thing and the beginning of another. They still cling to the idea that someone is going to die, even if you tell them flat out what is means in their cards.

I am proud of the years I spent working as a psychic. I helped many people to improve their lives, and according to several I saved their lives by telling them what to have their or their loved one’s doctor look for.

Anyone can buy a deck of tarot cards and memorize the definitions. Tarot decks have seventy-eight cards, and each card has multiple definitions. There are multiple definitions for cards that land in your lay-out straight up and different meanings for cards that land upside down. Anyone can do it and get many things right, but without some active psychic ability and a true respect for the cards they don’t see the whole picture.

Everyone has a bit of the psychic in them. Using the cards can help you to develop that ability, as long as you respect the cards. That is why I had the dilemma with the husband and cheating wife, another reader would have made something up, but I firmly believe that once you start tfw the cards they start showing you the lies instead of the truth.

Even when there is bad news to deliver I always tell my clients, “I’m showing you a road map, it is up to you what paths you choose to follow. Nothing I am saying is written in stone. You can change the direction you are taking at any time.”

Happy Samhain. Or as I like to say, Happy New Year Witches.


I’d like to give an ecopy of The Counterfeit Bride to someone for sharing an experience they had with tarot or palm readings. The winner will be announced in the comments on October 31st. Contest is void where prohibited by law.


Liberty Blake writes about women who know who they are and the men who love them that way. She writes full-length novels in her Boundless Billionaire series and short stories. Spirit Board is currently her only paranormal short.

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