Halloween is Here! by Mandy Rosko

Okay, before I go any farther, make sure you tune in tomorrow for details on the sweet seven days of Halloween. Today is your refresher! Letting you know about sweet and spooky contests that are on the way where you can win some fun stuff and enjoy Halloween the way your kids don’t get to. What with their dressing up. Free candy…


I miss being a kid ;_; Free candy was the absolute best, especially when you got to the houses that handed out the good stuff. Brand name candies and sodas were wonderful :> And Halloween in general is amazing for Paranormal Romance Authors like myself 😉


But onto bigger and better things. Every holiday that comes up is an excellent time to be doing fun and crafty things :3 And this season I’ve been getting into making friendship bracelets. So far they mostly look like garbage and have holes in them, but I’m definitely getting better, and will have a video up on my Youtube page in short order ❤


But I’m enjoying it so far, when I can get the time to do it, lol, and I’ll be handing out some of the better looking bracelets to fans either at conventions, or as part of my prizes 🙂


Here’s a pumpkin design I yanked off of Google. There’s a website where you can go to get so many free designs that I’m just trying to scoop them all up so I can make them. This one comes specifically from this Pinterest board if you wanted to get some more. I’m going to try and make as many of these as possible. The instructions were surprisingly easy to learn, but I keep coming up short on string. I need to figure out what I’m doing wrong there :/

I think I’m allowed to share a Pinterest board, but I definitely wanted to give credit to the designer, so here it is. I was going to post a picture of the one I was going to do, but it’s the pumpkin one in the middle here ❤ Nice and simple, not too many colors. Excellent. I think I could do this one.


The little girl in me that never made friendship bracelets since she was a total loner loves that he has an excuse to make them now, even if they come out kind of crooked 😀 What are you? Any fun crafty things to do for Halloween? Baking? Costume making? Spooky jewelry? I’d love to know!

Happy Halloween! And remember, you are doing your children’s teeth a favor when you snag some of their sodas from their bags. Just don’t take it all. Every year Youtube shows that kids tend to not like that when they think their parents ate all their candies ❤






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