Refocusing Can Be Good

World of writing or not, you would most likely have to be living under a rock to not know about the technology giant, Apple Inc. Most recently, Apple has been in the media as their “car project” is apparently in danger of being cut. Depending on where you look and what you read this either seems to get a somewhat positive spin in that the company is focusing less on building a car and more on developing an autonomous driving system (Bloomberg)—a basic refocus. Or you are struck with titles like ‘An incredible failure of leadership’: Apple’s car project seems wracked with internal strife (Yahoo Finance).

What struck me most about this topic and this is simply my opinion was that Apple was making the most of a seemingly bad situation and quite frankly, I believe that their foray into this space (autonomous driving system) will actually yield better results, highlighting their strengths as an innovative company and technology leader.

Don’t ask me how but somehow, in my mind this related to the world of writing. As writers, we often have tons of ideas that for one reason or other may or may not work out. It could be after months or even years of writing, tons of rejections, endless writer’s block, etc. Whatever it is, it becomes a seemingly bad situation and a feeling of being “stuck.” I’ve written previously about taking some space or even a break from a work in progress to add clarity. I’ve had that opportunity of late simply due to my day job changing and I can honestly say, it’s given me a lot of opportunity to approach some of my works in progress and jot down ideas to “turn them around” so to speak and make them more of a jewel in my mind. The point I’m getting to with this is perhaps what happened to Apple and what at times happens to us (as bad as it can feel sometimes) isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I’d simply say we just need to wait and see what happens—on both accounts.

Happy writing this week and good luck!

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