I Got A Bracelet Maker! by Mandy Rosko

Lol, I am such a child. You should have seen me when I was picking this up. I was in Toys R Us picking these things out because, well, I’d seen a bunch of Youtube videos of people using this, and I had to have it. Luckily Michaels sold one as well, so I had to go back and return the Toys R Us one and save some money, but I still got the tote and the refill packs from TRU. The boxes were really big compared to the kit and the tote inside. I thought the tote would be a bit bigger, but over all, I’m happy with this and can’t wait to use it 🙂


I was like a kid on Christmas opening these. I’m hoping to have the video edited and uploaded soon on my channel, but I want to make some of the bracelets and pass them out as prizes or swag to readers. I’ve been looking at this thing on Youtube the last couple of days and it was driving me nuts. I wanted it that badly ❤

It’s 5 in the morning here now, so I can’t make one of these things today, but hopefully I can get started on one tomorrow. I’ve never made one of these as a little girl, probably the only girl in the world who never did, so I’m excited to get this started 😀

The first one is promised to my neighbor, and then next I might give to my mother, but after that I can start making more with fun patterns on them 🙂 I think readers will like getting them in the mail, or at events. Everyone loves friendship bracelets!

Lol. I’m bound to mess a couple up when I make them, but the app seems solid enough to teach me.

Can’t wait to get started on this one! I’ll have to post pictures of when I get some finished.


P.S: Special thanks to those supporting me on Patreon. You guys rock, and Patrons will get access to my new book as I write it, Kidnapped by the Dragon, Shout outs on Facebook live streams, as well as being in the dedications page of all my future released titles that are self pubbed as Mandy Rosko, this includes Alpha Dragon on October 30th 😉






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