Time to Reflect

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything beyond a blog or an email—specifically I mean it has been a while since I’ve written a novel. Do I miss it? Yeah, of course. But at this point in my life I’m choosing to expend a bit more effort and time to my day job. The hope is that in the long run, this will free me up to spend a little more time doing the writing I love. That being said, all this time has certainly given me a chance to reflect more. Reflect on what I’ve written and published, what I’ve written and not published and what I still want to write.

In my limited experience, when I first did a head dive into writing, it was writing every free moment I had. It is exciting because you can’t wait to share your story. You get wrapped up in the story and with the characters—it’s like it is coming alive around you. What it doesn’t give you is space and honestly, in the moment, you really don’t feel like you need space (at least I didn’t most of the time). All that being said, as I look back in my reflections, I do think there is a lot I might do differently in my books—not all of them but some of them. Some of this falls into planning, some of the changes may just be in my approach to characters and some of it comes from having a forward vision. At times we are so excited to get out that one book but the truth is that many publishers and readers look forward to a career author. Where that one book turns into more books, be they separate but just as good or better or be they a series spin off from that first book.

While I do think that at times we authors are always looking to change something, I also believe that reflecting over time, I’ve simply learned more, read more and given myself a chance to look at the industry on a larger scale. While I can’t necessarily change experience (and truth is I don’t think I would simply as it has all been a chance to learn), I can continue to grow going forward.

Happy writing this week folks and if it turns out all you have time to do this week is sit and think, that’s fine! It may benefit you more than you know.

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