Columbus Day Weekend Traditions

We all have traditions. Some are handed down from generation to generation like certain recipes used on holidays. Others are just begun by you and your kids. One of my favorite traditions happens this weekend.

It’s Columbus Day Weekend and that means an apple picking trip with my niece, who is no longer a little girl, but rather a fourteen-year-old young lady. In spite of her phone, tablet, laptop and having to be connected to her friends, she still comes joyfully along to pick apples with me.


Over the years our day’s events have changed from visiting the farm animals at one orchard to building a scarecrow and taking a hayride at another, then to picking apples. One year we even attempted a corn maze. That year we confirmed what I suspected. I hate mazes and cannot get out on my own and should never do them. That was the only year I considered never picking apples again!

Over the last couple years we’ve gone to breakfast at a local diner, then picked apples, and then an afternoon of shopping (because apples are fun, but shopping is funner!).

As little girls grow up some traditions become memories. I already have many wonderful memories of the little girl picking apples, but I’m so hoping we’ll be picking apples until she’s the one driving me around.


Here’s wishing you a Columbus Day Weekend filled with traditions that become beautiful memories.

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