Start Small

There are many times where we each have the intentions of completing a very big task. We start it and it dawns on us just how big it is…and then we realize that it may be a bit or a lot more complex than we were initially thinking. We become overwhelmed and it is at this time we feel that we simply need some space– a break from the crushing load. Ever been there? I certainly have.

So why bring this up. Well, this to me was writing a book the first go round. And I share this because many folks start to write books and don’t necessarily finish them. I’m not sure there is any remedy for this. It is like many things we set out to do–we simply push our way through to the end. That all being said, if you enjoy writing and weaving the storyline, spending so much time doing so is not a hardship. Even still, there is some wisdom in taking a break every now and then. Absence does provide some degree of clarity.

So back to the title of this blog and the bit of sage advice I can provide when it comes to writing or any other thing that seems overwhelming. Start small and take it step by step. If you think back to nearly everything you’ve tried in life (driving, washing clothes, cooking, school, etc)they may have seemed difficult at some time or other. Starting small and chipping away will make the large and complex seem small and simple or at least a bit easier to tackle. What have you got to lose?

Happy writing this week!

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