Sometimes I Spend My Money On Stupid Things by Mandy Rosko

But those stupid things can be awesome 😀

So, yeah, I couldn’t help myself this time around, but I’ve already got the first one in, and I can’t wait to show it off to you 😀

I went to Fiverr and bought an intro and outro for my Youtube videos. I already saw the intro, and it looks super cute and fun. I only had some minor requests from the person who made the video. I’ll be able to put it in the beginning of every Youtube video I make, which will be fun 🙂

I’ll get to look all professional and stuff!

Lol, the things I get excited about.

I haven’t seen the outro yet. It’s still being worked on, but I can’t wait to show these off :3

As for a complete change in topic, Alpha Dragon is almost finished, and it will be off to the editor either today or tomorrow for an on time release. Excited!

I’m not sure what I’ll do about book 4 if the original cover artist doesn’t come back. She’s been away for a while on sick leave I’m thinking, and I’m getting slightly nervous.

Luckily, the next book to be written will be The Billionaire’s Temptress. I’m thinking that will be an easy cover for another artist to mimick if it really needs t be done, but I want my cover artist back ;_;

Either way, when I get the cover art for The Billionaire’s Temptress, I will definitely be posting it here, and when I get the intro and outro for Youtube, I’ll have to post a video so you can see how cute and fun it looks ❤





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