Under The Kissing Bough

I’m off to an incredibly busy autumn! I’m revamping my website, which is coming along quite nicely, though requires that I think about design and placement and brand and all the other things I’d rather not think about.

On October 14-15 I’m going to the Fall In Love With New England conference, the only conference I’m attending this year.

And, I have a new book coming out! I’m super-delighted to share that Her Vampire Protector, Novella Seven in the Romance In Central City Series is being included in the holiday box set Under The Kissing Bough with 14 other wonderful stories.

Under the Kissing Bough 3D final.jpg

15 brand-new novellas. 15 best-selling romance authors. A holiday-themed collection like no other.

What happens under the kissing bough doesn’t necessarily stay beneath the kissing bough….

According to lore, the origins of which date to the late 12th century, no lady should refuse a kiss beneath the mistletoe, else she will not marry in the next year. In exchange for the kiss, a berry is removed from the sprig until all of the berries are gone and no more kisses can be stolen. Some also believe that a sprig of mistletoe collected from a local church and placed beneath a maiden’s pillow will inspire dreams of her future husband.

What happens when fifteen daring heroines pin their hopes on mistletoe, a little luck, and a kiss in this multi-genre, limited edition holiday collection from 15 bestselling authors? Pure holiday magic!

This set includes USA TODAY bestselling and National bestselling authors Sandy Blair, Suzanne Ferrell, Kathryn Le Veque, Jeanne Adams, Anna Campbell, Tina De Salvo, Barbara Devlin, Joan Kayse, Catherine Kean, Anna Markland, Hildie McQueen, Meara Platt, Elizabeth Rose, Jordan K. Rose, and Lana Williams.

I know we’re all still working on our halloween costumes and then we’ll start thinking about turkey dinners and Thanksgiving, but Christmas will be here before we know it. And, anytime is a good time for a bit of holiday romance!

Under The Kissing Bough is now available for preorder. It’s only .99. Don’t miss out!

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Vampire Protector.jpg

Her Vampire Protector is Selene and Oswald’s story. He’s a brash playboy and she’s not very experienced in the ways of love. Together they are completely out of their elements and hopelessly in love with each other. But can Selene possibly trust a man with a reputation for sleeping with every woman he sees?

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