This is the Final Countdown by Heather Novak

Here we are, Nights of Passion. Eight days until my wedding. I’m so ready.

Where does that leave you, my fellow readers? Don’t worry. I have some AMAZING guest posts and interviews coming up in the month of October and I’m rounding it all off with one awesome giveaway on October 27!


Aww, we’re so cute when we try and be serious!

As my brain is pretty much mush from staring at seating charts wondering why I need to separate Aunt Clara and Aunt Georgiana when a fight between the two of them would be free entertainment, I’m going to share a story with you…

The story of how I almost met my fiancé. 

It all started one dark and stormy night…

No, it didn’t.

It was broad daylight.
April 2010
Friday night

I was invited to attend a (former) friend’s wedding. I was also in a wedding the following day and had dress rehearsal. I was also very newly single.

What’s a girl to do?

I invited a lady-date and hit the town. Er, in this case, we hit the wedding ceremony. At the ceremony I saw him. Tall, well groomed, pulling off suit pants like you would NOT believe, gorgeous eyes. 

However, the ceremony started late and my lady-date and I took off right after the “I do’s” to hit a church on the other side of town for the rehearsal. After the rehearsal, we booked it back to the reception and made it as the bride was walking into the venue (winning!). It was by far the best food I’ve ever had a wedding, you know, except my wedding. (Seriously, we’re having maple syrup carrots, shut up.)

I saw him again. Across the room, laughing at something. Holy cats, that smile made my heart do that weird jumpy thing. The bride came over, and I asked her about him. She told me his nickname was “P” (for his last name) and divulged that he lived across the country. Well, drat. 

But when did a little distance ever stop me?

I tried to catch his eye and wave. He didn’t see me. Then he was gone. Poof, disappeared.

It would take us another 9 months to meet again. 

In those months, I littered the way with bad dates, a half-a-minute relationship, and 3 separate occasions when I missed meeting “P” by literally ten minutes. Seriously.

Flash forward to this very awkward blind group date where I’m the “fresh meat.” My date is very obviously into one of the married women (I’m told they later got married) and I am swearing off men (and women) for a while. I’m done like dinner. 

Until my former friend’s husband sat down next to me and said, “You need to date again, but not this dude. What about our friend ‘P’?” He pulled up “P’s” picture on his phone and I saw the hot wedding guy staring back at me. 

So right there, on that date, I typed him a Facebook message and introduced myself. One month later, he came for a visit and we went on our first official date. Two years later, we moved in together. Now, almost six years later, we’re tying the knot!

Sadly, the couple who introduced us had a very storybook breakup (in the bad way) and there were friend casualties on all sides. But I will always be thankful that they brought my prince and me together.

Fun fact: Earlier this year on my Facebook

missed-mikememory thing, SIX YEARS after our missed meeting, I realized that my prince was SITTING AT THE TABLE NEXT TO ME AT THE WEDDING. Oh, how fickle fate can be.

I promise I’ll share fun wedding stories when I get back to blogging. Oh yeah, and book cover reveals and release dates for my next two Lynch Brother books! In the meantime, please enjoy A.J. Norris, Linda Bradley, Sara Dobie Bauer, and Rena Olsen for one heck of an October!

On this day in 1951 – The first network football game was televised by CBS-TV in color. The game was between the University of California and the University of Pennsylvania.

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