Prizes Were Finally Shipped Out! Woot!

Okay, it’s been a while, but I finally got all the prizes I had lying around shipped out to the winners 😀

It was expensive D:

Anyway, usually I like to get prizes and books sent out to the winners of my various contests immediately after they were won, but somehow, because I went out to house sit for a while, and because I was waiting on payday, some people were waiting, I think, up to a month before I was able to get to the post office O.o

It was a small nightmare having the prizes sitting around my apartment. I could see them every day, and I was just waiting to get to the post office so I could ship them out. The guilt was eating me away @_@

Luckily, because of the delay, I was able to stick some of the new ribbon bookmarks I’d been making into the bags, so the winners were all going to get something a little extra special in their packages 😀

I wish I’d remembered to take a proper picture of them, but that might have been hard since those bags all had addresses on them. Oh well, next time I’ll figure something out.

And lastly, the contest for following me on Bookbub is now closed. I will be announcing the winners for the free ebooks tomorrow 😀 Thank you so much if you followed me on Bookbub. I super appreciate that ❤

Also, if you wanted to get in on any future contests, make sure you follow me anyway since a follow on Bookbub tends to be a contest entry for these types of contests that I end up holding. Winners are getting an ebook copy of Alpha, book one in Alpha Bites 😀

If you’re on the reader group you’ll be hearing from me tomorrow 😉


Mandy R.


Want a free paranormal starter library? Join the reader group at mandyrosko.comand I will send you three free ebooks from my backlist right to your inbox



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