Living with Our Differences

I have a lot of questions today but not necessarily a lot of answers. If you’ve read my posts, at some point or other, you’ve probably heard me talk about how I love podcasts. This week, I heard a couple podcasts—Marketplace Weekend and This American Life where there were discussions about segregation and integration in schools and how integration in many ways yields better results from an economic perspective due to the resources and facilities that students are provided as they are integrated into schools in higher income neighborhoods.

Logically, this makes sense and it got me thinking about my day job and really a lot of interactions we seem to have. In many ways, we humans seems to live in silos. In my day job, we talk about this all the time. One department doesn’t know what the other does versus another and so on. We talk about the sharing of resources but there is all this fear that people will be spread too thin and therefore unable to utilize the resources well, etc. I get costs and making things accessible to more folks but we seem to end up paying for those “savings” due to added inefficiencies of groups not knowing what is going on. Why do we find it so hard to see the big picture and how we all work together?

I’m sure there is some sort of science behind why we categorize and separate. After all, even computers have a limited memory. Not to mention we don’t live in a Pleasantville sort of world where we drive the same car and have the same houses. We are a species of diversity in so many ways yet in general we haven’t learned to mesh these ways to the best of our advantages. I know, that is a huge undertaking and some of it may include simple appreciation of our differences. Like I said, not any answers today, just a lot of thoughts and questions.

Happy writing this week!


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