Join Me On Bookbub by Mandy Rosko

So this post is going to be more about being a writer and how you can increase your reach, and hopefully, work as an author full time for as long as possible, or at all 🙂


as an author, we’re all trying to reach out to new readers, and I figured this would be a great way to do it would be to add a new platform to my website.


The easier part about all this is that it doesn’t really require the people who follow me to do anything new. They don’t have to post their pictures up on it, hang out with other people and like or unlike. I mean, as far as I know, and not unless Bookbub is planning on changing up their algorithms in a major way.


I’m still trying to figure this place out, and it’s one of my goals to one day get an actual Bookbub daily deal (along with one day hitting NYT, but one thing at a time) so until then, I figured I would set up shop with the various other platforms that are out there, and see how they do 🙂


So if you would like to hear more from me, and about Alpha Bites, Jax, Garret, and Dane, feel free to click the red button up top, and when I can figure out more about what Bookbub will be doing, I’ll let you know 😉





Want a free Paranormal Starter Library? Join the Reader Group at and I will send you three FREE ebooks from my backlist right to your inbox 🙂

Or if you’re so inclined, follow me on Bookbub 😉



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